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  • Conference of restitution of the European program
    " Paths of life" in Isere:
    Restoration of the biological corridors
    of Gresivaudan and the Cluse de Voreppe

    May 20th, 21st and 22nd, 2015



  • Program

    May 20th: The Isere department, pilot in the biological corridors approach. The consideration of the corridors on various scales.

    01:30 p.m: Welcome
    02:00 p.m: Path of life project: history, aims, difficulties
    02:30 p.m: Path of life project: actions
    02:50 p.m: Integration in the european level and in alpine space
    03:10 p.m: Consideration in national level
    03:30 p.m: Implementation of the regional plan of ecological coherence, Stakes of the urban planning
    04:00 p.m: Coffee break
    04:30 p.m: Presentation of a land development plan
    05:00 p.m: Implementation of corridors in urban planning
    05:45 p.m: Coherence of the corridors at different scales
    07:30 p.m: Dinner uptown in the Bastille place
    Entertainment: raising awareness on light pollution with Frapna associationDîner

    May 21st:  Paths of life actions. Context and concrete achievements on roads, motorways and aquatic paths

    08:30 a.m: Welcome
    08:45 a.m: Paths of life project in details, from preparation to realization
    09:30 a.m: Presentation of the sociological evaluation
    10:00 a.m: Works on motorways (upper and under)
    10:30 a.m: Coffee break
    11:00 a.m: Works on departmental roads
    11:45 a.m: Aquatic paths
    12:30 p.m: Lunch
    02:00 p.m to 06:00 p.m: Field excursions
    4 visits are proposed:
    1. Cluse de Voreppe: Paths under departmental roads 1085 and 121a, fauna detectors, fish passage
    2. Gresivaudan 1: Fauna detectors, Fauna paths of the Furet, fauna paths under motorway
    3. Gresivaudan 2: Renaturation of the river Coisetan, fish passage, fauna detectors, small fauna path of the Cheylas
    4. Governance and raising awareness: Land use plan, biological corridor’s footpath, school teaching, new practices in agriculture, new practices in maintenance of green spaces
    07:30 p.m: Dinner.
    Entertainment: biodiversity quiz

    May 22nd: Results about the project regarding the functionality

    08:30 a.m: Welcome
    08:45 a.m: Presentation of different mapping tools
    09:30 a.m: Scientific evaluation: methodology and results
    10:30 a.m: Coffee break
    11:00 a.m: 4 workshops / Exchanges (works done, methodology, follow-up set-up…)
    1. Road works
    2. Aquatic works
    3. Management of the corridors territory
    4. Tools of communication and raising awareness
    12:30 p.m: Lunch
    02:00 p.m: Results from workshops
    03:00 p.m: Paths of life assessments and prospects

    04:00 p.m: Closing of conference
  • Since many years the General council of Isere works for the conservation and the restoration of the biological corridors of the valleys of Gresivaudan and Voreppe. In 2008, after different studies and concerted efforts, the department launched this major project based on many players in the territorial life. Many experimental and innovative actions have been undertaken to promote the preservation, restoration and awareness about corridors spaces.
    First project of this kind in Isere, this program set up experimental actions and innovating. This conference aims to make an assessment and to exchange on the conducted actions.

    You can book right now. Please note places are limited.

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